Monday, January 18, 2010

Today was Blue Monday

It was Blue Monday today. Why you depressed? Apparently this is the day that people get the most depressed. Bills pile up, resolutions have failed, the weather is not the greatest.

The Globe article gives some good ways to avoid depression. I have some good tips too. I rarely get sad. Too much sunshine, lollipops and rainbows for me.

1) Dance! Dancing is fun. I do it every day and it always puts a smile on your face.
2) Get outside. I love being outside even in the winter. I walk for at least an hour a day and it's how some of my best creative thinking comes to me.
3) Work out. I always feel like a million bucks after my workouts. 5-6 times a week. That's a lot of million bucks.
4) Hang out with friends and family or call them. Always puts a smile on my face.
5) Always remember it could be way worse.
6) Don't get hung up on the past what happened has happened, move on. For example if you had a friendship or relationship end, you should be happy that it ended when it did and that you didn't waste time on trying to make it out. As I like to say "NEXT!" Being friends with exes after a while though I am a big believer in. If you shared a special period of time there is probably a good friendship worth holding on to. But never date again, only friends.
7) Eat healthy, fruit trays do wonderful things.
8) Pet your pussy (or dog) Mya makes me happy. (Pictured above.)
9) Plan stay in nights to keep your costs down and have fun nights in with friends.
10) I love hugs, giving and receiving. Hug lots (only friends who you approve of their cleanliness though.)
11) Watch videos of people falling on my blog or read the "I often fall" columns. That should make you feel a bit better.
12) I would normally say have a drink with someone but I am off the sauce this week so no doing that. That means you can't either.


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