Thursday, January 14, 2010

This stew's for you

Mmmmm yummy! Tonight after the gym I made a slow cooker stew which will be ready in the morning. I get nervous about slow cooking when not home. My recipe is pretty basic but oh so yummy. It litterally takes 10 minutes to make and 8 hours later you have a lovely hearty winter meal if I do say so myself.

Here are some tips.
1) Cut extra vegetables for you to eat. You deserve a healthy treat.
2) Always remember bay leaves (my favourite spice after rosemary and tarragon.) As Michelle's grandma says "Who ever finds a bay leaf in thier meal wins a prize." (Oh, I put on my hat because I don't like when my hair gets poofy.) I had a crazy makeout session infront of the gym tonight. Ha!
3) Use plastic food service handling gloves when touching raw meat. This is always almost the death of me. I hate raw meat. When I opened the gloves drawer and Mya heard the sound of plastic gloves being put on she came running over. People who are allergic to Mya but can't touch her often pet her with the gloves on. That's nice. My Loblaws stew beef had a lot of fat in it. Not impressed. Galen Weston is going to hear about this.

And Viola! See you in 8-10 hours baby!

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