Sunday, January 17, 2010

A series of unfortunate events

Last night a bunch of minor shit happened to me. It happens. You have to forge ahead and smile. (Like the pic above.)

1) Since I am a nice guy, I volunteered to pick up booze for my friends before dinner. I put the multiple bottles in a gym bag that contained a VCR Michelle was borrowing from. Then while walking to Belle's I noticed the back of my knee caps where slightly moist. Why I am sweating in the winter I thought. Then I realized that a beer in my bag was leaking through the bag and down my coat and pants. Not cool.

2) Then once walking down the Clinton to get to Belle's I almost got backed over by a stupid cab driver. Then the passengers in the back of the cab rolled down the window and said "Get off the road you F'in pedestrian." It turned out to be my friends Aleysa and Tobias. Assholes.

3) I had to do a number 2 at Belles. It was a little one but the toilet ended up being flooded. My toilet water got so high that it touched my bum. Therefore I had to wash my bum in Belle's washroom. Then bleach the poo plunger.

Then I had an amazing night with my friends who I absolutely love and adore at the Henhouse and Augusta House. There was a lot of Dolly Parton on the Jukebox at Henhouse thanks to me. That was fun. Then our friend Fawn was DJing, also fun. So I turned the night around. I always still positive and keep things light. I embrace my inner spaz.

4) Then on the way home I fell and ripped a hole in my new skinny jeans. Bahahahahahaahhaha!

See funny. You got to roll with it.

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