Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pee on a tree

Friday night I was walking home from work. When all of a sudden I needed to piss like a racehorse. I don't know what happened. Usually this never happens. I was walking down College Street bent over squeezing my "you know" as I tried to find an alley or secluded park for a quick pee. I don't like peeing in restaurants that I am not a costumer in. I like rules remember.

I was going to to the Dufferin Mall to pick up wine and beer for entertaining this weekend. Conveniently located across the road from the mall is a park. So as I was walking up to the park, I opened my coat, unfastened my belt and undid my pants. It was about to come out no matter what. Thank goodness it was dark as I was running to the tree while peeing. That's a weird experience.

I also am so against outdoor relieving yourself. So gross but I had to this time. While mid-pee a bus stopped about 20 feet away from me on the street. I became to freak out as I was totally on display. Then the female bus driver just shooked her head at me. I hung my head in shame although accidents do happen.

Another reason I don't like outdoor urination is the lack of handwashing facilities. Lucky for me the Dufferin Mall has purell at all the enterances and that saved me until I could do a proper wash in the washroon.

Accidents happen. So does pee, it just happens.

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