Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Tonight at the gym on the torso rotation machine, where you kneel down on a pad and then you rotate your torso while keeping your chest straight, my knees were sweaty and one feel off the pad. The result of this was my torso jarring going back to the starting position, me flying forward and injuring what feels like a few muscles and bones in my buttal area. It is going to be sore in the morning.

Now that is what you call a pain in the ass. Couple this with my charlie horse from falling this weekend and I am going to be walking like I just spent my first night in prison and became some dude named Brutus' bitch.

Other than that the gym has been going well. I have a new gym friend and yesterday I bumped up all my weights. I even heard some dude who used the tricep machine after me call my 140lbs reps say "Whoa, who ever used this last was hardcore.

That was fun to hear. "That's right asshole. I'm hardcore." (So happily not hardcore.)

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