Monday, January 11, 2010

More like Hick-opoly

Monopoly is currently planning a new Canadian version and computer geeks can vote from 60 cities to choose the top 22 Canadian cities to make the cut. Right now the current top 20 is looking a little hicky.

They did not ask for the cities that have the most Tammys. Really. Leading the pack is some city I have never heard of. Followed by Medicine Hat and Oshawa (ew.) Number 6 Kawartha Lakes, Number 12 Drummondville, 13 Brantford (Hometown! I love you but no) and number 20 is Chatham-Kent. We are these people coming from?

Serious people and we wonder why the rest of the world makes fun of us. If you want to add your city full of Tammys to list go here.

You have 41 days left to vote so you'll need to take a break from making out with your cousin to register and vote.

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