Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It almost happened again:

Almost a year ago, some of you will remember that I slammed to fingers in a window and they turned black and I almost chopped them off because of the pain. They looked nasty too. Not hot!

Well I made a pizza today and cheese got burnt to the bottom of the oven. That caused a lot of a smoke. The apartment filled with smoke and the smoke alarm was going off.

I opened the window to air it out. It froze open. "Uh Oh" I said. "I am not dealing with this shit again." said Mya Pussy as she went to find a hiding spot.

But fear not friends! I have learned from past mistakes. I used the good old Tobi Steamer to melt the ice this time and then gave it a gently close, ever so slightly. Success.

Thanks for the fun times tonight Mr. Tobi! I would dance with you but I would probably burn my face off with the steam. I wouldn't dance with it in the off position. That be tacky.We only took one take, it was leaking water down my leg. Deal!
Bed time. Gym killed me and I have to be to work early. Nighty Nighty!

Xo Xo,
Gossip Boy.

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