Monday, January 11, 2010

How did I live so long without you

I have made no secret about my love of pineapple. Here are some tips I can provide you from this guy with the glasses.

Thanks to Mel for serving up pineapple while we played a new card game to me tonight. It was called hand and foot. You can learn how to play here. Don't ask me. I was pure shit at it. I ended the game over negative 500 points. I don't usually get competitive with cards and was more into conversing. Also there is an element of risk and we all know I don't like to be risky.

Anyhow once the pineapple got placed on the table my only reason for being there was to eat it. So I got distracted. The pineapple was actually so good that I declared I was going to become a facebook fan of pineapple and so I did. A couple people ended up liking my new liking. Nice to see we are on the same page. Now here is a lady in a pineapple hat. I really want to find my own pineapple hat.

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