Friday, January 29, 2010

Here I am

Took 2 days off to have some much needed me time and friend time. It was a nice break. I'm waving to all of you in the photo above.

Wednesday Eunice and I took my work girlfriend, Monica out for birthday dinner. Here is Monica and I above the Soho:

Then after dinner I met Joni for a game of Lesbian Bingo. You only need 1 line. I didn't win. But the Bingo caller, who knew Joni met my briefly and then the bar of Lesbians that I was the only man worth sleeping with. That is quite an honour. I may have a few more lesbos in my corner now. I even got to co-host briefly with the mic. That was fun.

Last night I took a friend who needed a night out for my traditional remedy of beer and laughs.

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