Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Mel

Birthdays out the wazoo these days. I love it.

Today is Melanie's birthday. Here is why Melanie is amazing:

1) Hands down best hug giver ever.
2) Best dancer out of my friends. She is hard to dance with. Her body moves in separate ways independently.
3) In a vegetarian friend world she makes really good ribs.
4) She is amazing for chats and gives amazing advice. Such as "They are not amazing people. Move on" I trust her.
5) Her smile lights up the world. So pretty
6) We call her Melvin. Nicknames are fun.
7) She makes my favourite person ridiculously happy.
8) She is quite the accomplished editor.
9) She didn't have to leave the country. That would have been sad.
10) She is without a doubt one of the most loving people I know.
11) She is a good swimming partner at the Y.
12) I absolutely adore her.
14) (I skipped 13 because I am a psychopathic supersition person.) When she is drunk she talks like Beaker from the Muppet Show and it is so freakin' cute.

Happy Birthday Melvin.

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