Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy 66th Dad

Thursday is my Dad's big 66th Birthday! Happy Birthday Dad. Have a great day.

My Dad is probably one of the nicest people in the world. I am lucky to be raised and learn how to make people feel special in our company. Here are some reasons why my dad is awesome.

1) He always stocks your favourite foods and drinks when you come over. (I do this too.)
2) He always sends me home with an award winning bottle of wine he read about.
3) He would give you his last shirt off his back.
4) He is safety conscious, although I wasn't allowed to cross the street until I was 24. Atleast he cares.
5) He makes my mom really happy (She deserves it too.)
6) The nephews know to go see Grandpa C. when they want treats.
7) When Belle comes over he seperates the chocolates she likes from the chocolate bowl for her.
8) He has bounced back from a heart attack, bypass surgery and prostate cancer (I am not getting to attached to my prostate. Heredity would show that I will have to get it removed too.)
9) He is an amazing interior decorator, although I hope soon he will hang up the Benjamin Moore paint swatches and enjoy his retirement.
10) He helped raise my 5 amazing siblings.
11) If you think my laugh is out there. Wait til you hear his! Think peanuts stuck in nose, lacking oxygen. It's pretty funny.
12) He is the best weather man I know.

I could go on for quite some time. Anywho. Happy Birthday Dad!

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