Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fun weekend

This weekend was quite fun indeed. Friday was medium but I got to hang out with some friends. I went to a bar with Mikey B that seems to be getting more violent as time goes on. I got shoved across a crowded dance floor trying to get past 2 guys about to fight. Not cool. I was not the intended pushee. Just wrong place, wrong time. You just have to ignore jocky meatheads.

Then Saturday night was Monica's birthday party. We had the VIP area of a bar. Randoms kept coming into our area and this one dude was trying to give all the girls drinks. I told them all that I think he was date rape drugging the drinks as no one knew who he was. One of the girls actually spit her drink out like a fountain. Then I had a snap show on him like I have never snapped on anyone before. Then I found out he was a co-workers friend. I think I ruined that boys night. He definitely did not pick up that night. Ha Ha Ha!

Then I went to meet my friend Wade at Baby Huey's. I got out of the cab early to see if my friend Jonathon was working, I would have said hi. He wasn't but I ran into a group of hoochies who needed directions to the Ossington. The one hoochie refered to her friends as "Bitches" and was all "Bitches this hot dude is taking us." Since she called her friends bitches I thought I was allowed to as well. So all was all "Bitches, I ain't got time for you to smoke." "Bitches keep up the pace." "Bitches, you've gone to far pay attention." "Bitches have a great night tell them Marky sent you."

Then my friend and favourite DJ Kris played Whitney Houston's Million Dollar Bill for me and I met a new buddy Shawn. He is my height! Considering all my friends all 5 foot tall lesbians who I love. It is nice to have someone I can look in the eye.

Here is the dance mix of Whitney's Million Dollar Bill. Put one hand in the air!

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