Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dance move of the week: Let's get ready to rumba

Tonight Angie and I had our first Latin dance lesson. It was so much fun. 3 key lessons we learned today about Latin dance:

1) Always smile
2) Don't look at your feet
3) Saying "I can't" is not allowed.

These are pretty much my rules for life too. Our instructor Louie is actually my next door neighbour and has been for 3 years. I didn't even know he knew how to dance. It was really fun. Angie and I broke rules and didn't switch partners when they called switch. A) I don't like to touch strangers (next week I am purelling the whole class.) B) We were both beginners so we should always dance together. It was a good workout and fun too. I was dripping sweat by the end of the night. Joni walked by the dance room at the gym and left me a voicemail saying we were freaking adorable. That was nice. She also said my new voicemail greeting is adorable. You'll have to call me to find out why.

We performed tonight for our friends. It went well. The instructor gave me some creative criticism, he said I know the moves but don't trust myself. That could be true. I am going to practice this week and maybe show up slightly buzzed next week. I dance better buzzed.

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