Sunday, January 24, 2010

Crazy weekend

Friday night was just medium but it was nice to see friends. When you need some minor ego boosting it's nice to have great friends and an amazing sister in law remind you of that you are good times, better off and should take pride in your high standards. Quality not quantity. I have a great talent of getting over thing very quickly.

Saturday night was my funniest night out in a while. I went to Mel's bday pre-party then met the Flay at Levack Block for her party. On my way to Levack I bumped into 4 Brantford friends who were on thier way to Baby Huey's. Then as any good Brantford boy would do, you buy shots for your hometown counterparts. I went to Baby Huey on my way to Mel's bar party. My Brantford boys weren't there to have a shot with me. So I said a quick hi to Esther, who I know through someone I knew briefly. She is good times. I am a big fan.

Then I went to Sweaty Betty's where my friend Jonathon is a bartender for a drink. There I found the Brantford boys and took them back to Baby Huey, had a quick shot and moved on to Mel's Birthday party at Wrongbar. Only to have one of the Brantford boy's say "We never get to hang out with Marky Craig. He is awesome." They showed up at the bar as well. Everyone in Brantford calls me Marky. They came to the bar and we had a fun night.

Then after Mel's party Mikey B. Danielle and I were walking to my place for a night cap up Ossington when I heard the Flay squeal "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!" I ran across the street then she invited us to an after party where all the guys had acccents. It was strange but funny.

Then my female buddy Danielle slept over and we had fun recalling the night and laughing this am. Sleep overs are fun and I am a big fan of wake up sleep over talk.

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