Tuesday, January 19, 2010

CityTV Layoffs

Firstly, thanks to everyone who sent me emails or text but rest assure, I don't work for CityTV. I work for another national Canadian Television Network. I didn't get laid off.

Secondly it was sad to hear that 35 local staff members at City lost their jobs. I never like to see colleages loss their jobs. From the on-air staff, Toronto legend, Anne Mroczkowski was laid off after 23 years. They have also canceled their noon, 5pm and some weekend newscasts. You can't build a strong news presence with limited newscasts.

Also getting the boot:
Laura Di Battista, Pam Seatle, Marian Dimain, Merella Fernandez, Farah Nasser and Michael Serapio. Sad.

Thirdly, CityTV's parent company Rogers is the biggest company arguing the local TV matters campaign. Rogers even told the CRTC that local TV Is profitable and doesn't need money from Cable companies to survive. I guess local TV really doesn't matter to Rogers. Shame.

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