Sunday, January 10, 2010

Board game weekend

Fun times indeed. Friday night was my friends and I's first friday of winter fridays stay in night. We played Girl Talk. The game for 12 year old girls in 1988. I had a good showing in the first game getting no zit stickers and coming third.

Key learnings from this game of truth or dare:
1) Danielle was the only one who had to call a boy and tell them a joke. That sucked.
2) When Mel was asked what she would change her name to, she choose Tammy. We told this South African/British import that only whores in trailer parks are named Tammy. She now knows.
3) When I had to describe my perfect guy as a 12 year old girl from the 80s it was determined that I had just described my self.
4) Danielle had to tell each of us our best and worst feature. We decided that worst feature for all was that we drank too much. Just to not create drama. She said my best features was that I am good looking (blush) and my impeccable style. That was nice to hear. I just wear what my ladies pick out for me. There are way more important things in life to be concerned about. No one told Danielle her best features, so I will now: She is beautiful, a good listener, amazing to go out to the bar with and heaps of fun all around.
5) Angie won and her "special moment" fortune card said that she was going to play softball in the 96 Olympcis. Way to go Angie.

Tonight was friend scrabble night. The letters were not liking me tonight. Also my attention span couldn't handle my score keeping volunteering so Belle took over. She also won. Congrats Belle!

Herre is a pic of Belle and I playing Scrabble tonight.

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