Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What a waste of a sleep in

Today I was almost 2 hours late for work as I remember turning my 2 alarms off at 8am and re-setting them for 8:30. I have been made fun of before for having 2 alarm clocks but as you will read I need them.

Next thing you know I awoke at 9:41am for work. 41 minutes late. I got ready for work and was there by 10:45am. I think I set the alarms but didn't actually turn the alarm setting on. What blows is that I have been completely sober all work week and just slept in cause I like to sleep. This time Sandra Oh and I were not out all night doing shots. I actually did the gym and then watched a few Dexters.

I took a ribbing at work today at work for wasting a sleep in on a sober, early night in. I guess the gym just kicked my butt which it did. Now I have 3 alarms set for different times. See you at work on time tomorrow.

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