Tuesday, December 8, 2009

This was me hanging the Christmas lights at my parent's house last weekend

So the ladder tipped over and I was hanging by the eavestrought. Not fun. Scary stuff. But I managed to jump and only mildly hurt both ankles. So typically me. I really should be more careful not to slip off ladders. It would have also been nice if my sister Laura wasn't photographing but actually helping me.

Psych! Not me and not my parents house. I just thought the photo was funny. I haven't hung Christmas lights since 2 years ago when my dad made me climb the top of a ladder and maneuver a strings of Christmas lights with a rake to place the lights around a 20 foot pine tree in the front of our house. I had a pine needle pricks all over me and at one point slipped and almost fell over the ladder but was able to regain my balance by grabbing my sister my the head.
Laura is good like that.

Have I ever told about the time I shot Laura in the face with a rocket? I love this video. (P.s. Yes I have, but feel free to click to watch it again.)

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