Saturday, December 12, 2009

This is good: Men's power spa

Today I went for my hot stone massage at the Men’s Power Spa in downtown Toronto. It was amazing. I am going to utilize all of their services in the future, as it’s only 2 blocks from my work.

I forget what my masseuse’s name was. I was having sensory overload when I first walked in. There were business men getting pedicures and another guy came out of the waxing room getting unwanted hair removed before heading to Hawaii (something I do to in the summer and for winter get aways.) There were no ginas, ginos, jocks or 75 NHL referees which I have ran into in the past at spas. I finally felt like I belonged at a spa and fit in nicely. It was a Utopian society of men pampering themselves. It was a place I could have only dreamed about.

My masseuse spent a lot of time with her hands on my S-I joint and glutes. 2 problem areas for me creating tight and tense muscles. She actually discovered that my right hip is slightly twisted. This makes so much sense as I often have been having pain in and around that area. She is going to fix that over time too. My ass has never felt better! Very loosey goosey in ways I never thought it could be. Can’t wait to shake it tonight.

Although I really enjoyed the whole Blue Mountain Spa Experience in September, this was a better massage.

So I highly recommend the Men’s Power Spa. Next time, Christmas facial.

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