Sunday, December 20, 2009

Start packing

This pic is from last Christmas. Elle's last supper, Reggie's 77th birthday was fun last night. Although Elle did spill my $8 pint of Rickard's White I got at last call before I could even drink it. It's time for her to leave my country, Rockie Mountains in toe. Immediately.

I did shoot her in the face with whipped cream hours earlier but none the less, chop chop! Get a move on!

Her best friend and my skipping partner Angie made a beautiful goodbye video, which included me in several stages of ladies clothing and undress, I have a lot of lady friends that bring out the lady in me. It also capture cute Elle's amazing time with her friends on this continent. I think I cried more than Elle too during the screening. I am such a pussy. It was set to Journey's Don't Stop Believing.

Elle got a shirt from Roots that said I heart Toronto from me, so that when she wears it she can remember all the good times she shared with friends and how much she is loved in Toronto.

Michelle and I also serenaded her with our Karaoke stylings of Kelly Clarkson's Since you been gone and Natasha Beddingfeld's These words. You can participate at home below. There was karaoke both nights. Fun. Cat, Aleysa and I did a Dolly Parton double bill in a Korean town Karaoke box Friday night, 9 to 5 and Jolene. I love the private room Karaoke boxes in Koreatown. I love Elle more.

Elle gave me a Christmas present last night as well. I was supposed to wait until Christmas but then the party conversation turned to my epic falls and she thought it was appropriate to give it then. She loaded me up with band-aids (I often fall.) Plus a tea towel that says I'll Wash, You Dry because I always wash the dishes at our dinner parties.

Reggie loved his Kong, we got a bday dance in and he also got whipped cream for dessert. He deserved it. We got to have Baskin Robbins cake in his honour! Mmmmm! Yuummy!

More on Elle and party photos later, there are some good ones.



I've added journey as well because we all like it and it was in the video.

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