Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Squeak squeak

Tonight at the gym, all the AMTs (adaptive movement trainer) were taken when I first got there so I decided to move on to my weights first. Then I finally exhausted all of my weight options for the day and an AMT became available. I ran and got it.

I noticed everytime my right foot pushed down it made a loud squeak. Usually I put others before myself but then I realized if I get off some other asshole is just going to squeak on the machine. So I decided to just turn my ipod up really loud to tune it out. It's the gym everybody must be in their zone so no one will notice.

Then during my cool down I ran into my friend Joni and gave her a sweaty hug. Joni is one of a handful of people I would exchanged a sweaty hug with. She then said "You were the squeaker."
Oh shit, ha ha ha caught. I think I may have a few annoyed gym counter parts. I am no better then the people that stomp on the treadmills.

I average 140 strides a minute x 30 minutes / 2 for only 1 squeaky stride equals 2100 squeaks in 30 minutes or 1 loud squeak every 0.85 seconds. Ha Ha Ha Ha! Suckers! (My mouth may be off, I blow at it.)

Joni is tough, she can pick up my entire 6'5", 175lbs self (I on the other hand apparently like to feel my butt.)

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joni Cassidy said...

I love you. squeaky or not xoxo