Saturday, December 12, 2009


Tonight me and my friends getting together for one last send off to my Australian baby mama, Elle. Her and her best friend Angie came here 3 years ago. Angie is staying, Elle is returning home.

Tonight will be sad for both of them, so I am doing what I can to help. Angie likes when my collarbones are exposed. Done! Wearing a low cut top tonight. Elle likes it when I get drunk and wear Angie's fuzzy cheetah vest. Done. Showing up to the bar with it.

I've learned from Angie that when you are sad, it's easier to be mean to the person. So Elle, Bye Asshole!

Here is the outfit, I will dance one dance in the vest and then remove it, only to put it back on after a few drinks and then it will come back home with me. It's a vicious circle.

Not so hot but I can do my one man stage play of the musical, Cats at the bar tonight.

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