Friday, December 18, 2009

Photo shoot

Today me and some co-workers were asked to participate in a photo for the Los Angeles based studio that produced the new movie Sherlock Holmes. They have transformed an out of business store to a cool innovated marketing initiative. They have set pieces inside from the actual set that you can see on the street. They also have carolers singing outside. Here are some candids from the shoot. We got to keep the hats!

Me and my work BFF. We are good for eachother's abdomnal development. Everyday we make eachother laugh so hard we cry. We put this to test in the cafetaria at Queen and John every day at 12:30. If you want tix to the show. Let me know.
The execution. Amazing!
One of the group shots, I 'm glad the caroler blocking half my face looks bad. This won't make it to L.A.

Dikla, bottom row, first from the right is Jewish. She said if her mom saw her in a Christmas hat she would be in shit. Don't tell the mom.

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