Friday, December 18, 2009

No H1N1 here

Here's a tip if you get the H1N1 vaccine don't tell people to mind your arm because of the H1N1. Say I got the H1N1 vaccine.

There is a lot of debate over the H1N1 vaccine. I got it because I am naturally low in my neutrophil count. My arm does hurt, I hear it gets worse until the 3rd day. It doesn't hurt as much as my lower ab muscles. They kill, it hurts to walk. Owwey, Owwey!

Do you know who did have the H1N1? Country hopper Elle! Yet another reason one my favourtie people should the country and never talk to me again! (I am still being fake mean. It makes it easier.)

I gave her arrow boobies because Canada is loosing some Rocky Mountains this month. What a rack that Elle has. Perfect for cuddles and sleep ons.

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