Friday, December 11, 2009

Knock on wood

2 days of icy sidewalks and no falls yet! Although last night I did bag myself with the chest pad of the rear deltoid machine at the gym. (For my older or sheltered readers, a bagging occurs when you suffer blunt force trauma to the testicles, either by yourself, someone else or a foreign or protruding object.) It really hurt.

Usually the chest pad clicks and stops as you pull it out. This time as I pulled it out it rapidly came flying into my members. I groaned, loudly. I fell forward on top on the machine. After the inital shock of a blow to the balls it takes a few moments to see if it is going to really hurt or not. This time it did. I saw 2 people laughing. I totally would have laughed to. I smiled at them and shook my head as if I was to say "Oh boy, I just hit myself in the testicles. I am retarded. You should laugh, in fact feel free to point." That describes my look well.

I then went and laid down in the stretching area until my balls were good as new. And Boy are they!

Have a super safe and fun weekend!

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