Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'm back!

I don't think you missed me because I don't take this blog to seriously but I took a little blogcation over the past 3 days. But I'm waving in the pic. Hi friends! Daddy's back!

I have been busy going to work and celebrating the season with my amazing old and new friends.

Saturday I met my besties at our local Ronnies in the market and then just when I thought I couldn't have any cooler Aussie friends. I meet my new friend Michael at the Beaver watching my friend Margot perform Lady GaGa covers. Amazing!

Sunday my friend Meghan had a Christmas cookie and festive drink open house. It was really fun. I learned that my coordination was not good enough to play DJ Hero. That shit is hard. But Mel is a good slider. So much to do with your hands. We then went for a big dance at the Drake, A band that ryhmes with Soly Duck and won the Polaris prize this year played a DJ set. "Wrongbar" for the 2nd time in as many weeks lifted up my shirt and blew on my stomach baby styles. I kind of like it though. So it's okay. Do you know what is fun? When you keep texting your friends at a party and you say who you are texing "Someone at wrongbar." Then that person gets the nickname Wrongbar. Good one Michelle! That's fun.

Monday after having lunch with my cousin and doing laundry which saw multiple pairs of clean undies blow out of my basket and down the street. I left them. I took my cousin now from Calgary for an Ossington Pub crawl. He researched the strip before he came and a blog called it Uber Cool. I think this must have been an older blog. We hit up my favs, Crooked Star, The Ossington, Sweaty Beattys and Baby Huey. I knew bar staff or patrons in each place. I don't think this means I am uber cool. I think it means I am borderline uber alcoholic. Thanks to my favourite servers Jason and Jonathon for the fun times.

I'll talk about Tuesday above. Yummy!

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