Saturday, December 26, 2009

Home sweet home

It's always nice going to my parent's. The house is always clean. There is always milk, beer and wine. It smells good. It's decorated nicely. I like my family. My dad loads me up with gum, LCBO gift cards and always a bottle of wine that he has read won an award. That means it's good. Over the Christmas break my mom mended 3 sweaters that I love. I ripped them during crazy public washroom makeouts. Moms always fold clothes nice too. My folding always looks like crap.

It is also nice to come back to my place. I like it here. Mya is now in the annoyed stage for me leaving her for 2 days (the max you can leave a cat alone for.) At first she was happy I was here and she got kisses. Now she is being a stuck up bitch and ignoring me. I even gave her wet food.

The hour train ride was almost 2 hours. The train was nuts. People kept loosing their bags. I had a bag in each of the presiding cars that I was sitting in. I had well over a thousand bucks worth of clothing, electronics, cash and presents that I told the lady if one bag goes missing I am going to come looking for her to find it. I had to sit in a 4 four person seat section. I have super long legs and the old guy in front of my kept making out with his wife (she was much younger, it was gross) but he was wearing boots that you would put a 4 year old in. Big and clunky and he was taking up all the leg room so I crossed mine to the side and kept tripping people. Then a nice old lady sat beside me. She was so cute and nice. We talked for about a half hour. She was coming from North of Detriot from her sons. Her train ride was like 7 times as long as mine and she still had more train rides ahead of her to Brookville. I stopped complaining to myself, if this old broad can do it, so can I. She gave me a hug and at the end of the trip. I liked her.

My social life is happy I am home. Already have been invited out to 3 things tonight. In Brantford you are lucky if there is one thing every 3 weeks.

I am going to make Mya pose for a family picture now. Bitch better recognize

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