Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy Birthday to the apples of my eye

Today we celebrated my favourite 3 and soon to be 5 year olds birthday, Ben and Ian. These boys are amazing.

It was super fun and worth the early wake up call. These laughing, smiling boys lit up my world and warm my heart. I love them.

Ian, who is in to Transformers got the original first season on DVD from Unky Mark. Ben who likes Dinosaurs got a triceratops that walks and roooooaaaaarrrrrrssss. There was also 12 pizzas from Panago (my favourite) and also probably a hundred chicken wings. It was a really nice time. The boys also got a Wii. Unky Mark can't wait to school them.

Ben also filled me in on some exciting news (more on this in a few weeks.) And my big bro, Tim Tim sent me home with lots of pizza and beer. He looks after me. Marcia and him are really good to me.

Being Unky Mark is one of the most fun things in my life. I really like it and can't wait to have my own gaggle of clumsy, uncoordinated offspring. Well I can wait a little bit longer. But within the next 5 years I'd like some little Markys.

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