Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Bonnett!

One of my besties from College just turned 29. I will join that elusive club in a few months.

Here is why we love Juli:

1) She married a Brantford boy, can you blame her. Hello!
2) Grey's Anatomy and Swiss Chalet wouldn't be the same without her.
3) She had a fun wedding in Cuba this year. I swam lots!
4) I caught the garter at her wedding. I hang it on my lamp. It's not true what they say.
5) She is a good friend to talk too.
6) She gives me rides home sometimes, or always asks, that's a good friend.
7) She is a good dancer.
8) She sometimes talks in funny voices
9) We are going to see Rent on stage and Nine at the movies. We love the musicals.
10) We are cat people.

Love you! Happy Bday yesterday!

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