Friday, December 18, 2009

Good tidngs

More cards. Flava Flay, Liana and Michelle from work. Thanks Bitches! Especially thanks to Michelle for not licking my card closed. She knows I hate germs. She also taught me that the new H1N1 high five is the elbow tap. I love that. I also recieved 3 e-cards today announcing donations to charities in my honour. Amazing! Love that idea!

Also thanks to Barb (I call her B-Unit) at work for the yummy homemade truffles. This lady is like the new Martha Stewart. Everything thing she makes is amazing amazing. Although one of the truffles looked like a small testicle. I still ate it and it was peanut butter (think Resse Peanut Butter Cup) and that testicle truffle was delicious. It's the one on the left. Check out those veins.

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