Sunday, December 13, 2009

Good Riddance

What a fun night!

Here are some pics from Elle's going away party.
Angie got the vest back but it cost her her vest. Cheetah vest still came home with me. That vest is good luck.
I am kissing Elle goodbye. 11 days and counting bitch! (Remember easier to be mean than sad.) I bought this rose for her from a crack head for $4. We shouldn't have been putting it in our mouths.
Angie had this T-Shirt made. She is leading the mean pack for Elle leaving. We hate her. Hate her.
Family Christmas portrait. I think someone threw a present at me. Probably Elle. Yet another reason to hate her!

Thanks to staff at Salvador Darling for letting me use my height to turn on the disco ball. Also thanks to Aleysa, Joni and Tobias (aka Sam) for DJing. The owner said it was the best mix of music ever played in the bar. It was fun. I got to do Paper Planes surrounded by a crowd although they didn't have She Wolf or Bulletproof (my newest favourite dance songs) we will just blame Elle for that.

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