Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ewwwy Yucky Icky Gross

Last night I stepped on a dead pigeon. It was a sight to see on Queen West as I was screaming and flaying around the sidewalk. When I scream it always comes out "BAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" What happened was I was texting and not paying attention. What is retarded though is just this week I bought an app for the iphone which turns on the camera so you can see the ground while you text. It's called Text Vision so worth the $0.99.

I kicked the pigeon first and then I stepped on it. Sorry little bird. Then like I said I screamed a lot and was wiping my foot crazily on the sidewalk. Later that night I was dancing on a table in our kareoke box. I hope they cleaned the table before bring food in there. Yuck.

(I didn't write on the book, it came way. That dudes Ns are backwards.)

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