Thursday, December 24, 2009

An eventful Christmas Eve

I had a busy day. After dancing to Beyonce and Dolly and M.I.A (I got really good feedback) til 2 in the morning I got up early and got picked up by friends who took me to my brothers. I struggled with my four bags on the sidewalk but after seeing it not work well and me laughing from the situation Belle came and helped me with my bags. She is good like that.

Then immediately upon arrival I took out a poinsettia planter and my 5 year old nephew with my gym bag. Later on I tripped his 3 year old brother and I capped off the night by my pregnant sister-in -law tripping over me. She is fine. Being clumsy always gets worse in Brantford. I also told my brother Tim what one of his presents was by accident. His wife told me she had bought it but didn't say it was a surprise for Tim. Now that is funny.

The night was filled with my favourite things: Turkey, alcohol, nintendo, family, ninamo bars, board games (Laura and I won in Cranium!)

We skyed with my sister, Katie from Australia, She took us for a tour of the hotel she is living in with a pool, where she is spending Christmas. Since it was sunny there the sun glare was casting shadows on the video she was in. She almost looked black so we came up with the name Sha-Kay-Tay and I worked it in throughout the night. It was sad not to have her here.

It was a full house of 12 immediate family members. I am the night owl so I am the last one to go to bed. I actually was here when Santa came. We had a beer together.

Check out the haul. It's packed all the way under the tree too. I am going to be awoken by 3 very excited nephews. I can't wait. There will be an early morning wake up call. Which means I should probably go to bed.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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