Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Elle Out: He is where I get mushy

She won't leave the country for a couple days but I have said my final goodbyes to my good friend Elle.

She wrote me a beautiful letter, one excerpt said:
Please promise me you will never change. You're just too damn good the way you are, and I know you will be a happy man. And it's only a matter of time until you find a hot hot someone that loves you just as much as I do.

I feel the same about her and wish her the same. I am pretty happy with me as me and have no plan on changing.

I guess some friends come into your life for a brief time and leave a big impact. While others stay in your life for longer and leave a consistent steady impact. The first part of the year Elle and I seemed to share the same relationship life to the day. Got our grooves back the same day, another day we met siblings at the bar. It was nice to go through that with her.

I am going to miss the way my current wingman's face lit up as she would run over to me and give me a big hug as I enter the room. I am sure my reaction matched hers. Especially when I showed up in Cheetah vest. I am also going to miss washing the dishes after our True Blood parties. I will miss the theme parties, outfits and wigs.

I will miss the hugs. I will miss being able to call her up and ask her if I acted bitchy in a situation. If you don't shock Elle you were not out of line and they had it coming. Also I will miss laughing on the Ronnie's patio, Yes, Yes, Y'all dancing, parties at the Gramarcy, marktini parties at my place and how our group fit so well together among other things.

I will miss Elle's foul mouth, the amazing way she complimented the amazing Angie. I will miss the way she called us all possums.

I am happy I now have multiple Australian connections, I can't wait to visit.

Elle is going to make some Aussie man very happy and be an amazing mother to some beautiful Aussie kids. She has it in it her I can tell. She is also going to rock the Australian advertising world with her mad copy writting skills.

I am glad facebook and skype will keep her close as I am not ready to let go of this amazing friend. Also I will probably get drunk and do something stupid and need her to tell me they had it coming.

This is a fond farewell to a friend who will always be close. I hope everyone out there has their own Elle, it would be a shame to not have someone as special as her.

She would always end friendship sessions by saying "I love you." I would always respond "I love you more." and that my friends is the truth.

She asked that I take care of the ladies (Done! Although, I think they take care of me other than vice versa.) She also asked that I keep being fabulous. Girl, I will try not to let you down. 2 snaps and 1 clap.

Love you Elle!

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