Thursday, December 3, 2009

Domestic Thursday

The last 8 days have been extremely busy. I've had something every night so tonight was a planned Mark and Mya Pussy domestic night after the gym. We cleaned the entire apartment, baked a marble cake with cream cheese icing (see photo above, I suck at icing.) We returned library books (2 books x 2 days late = $1.) We paid the rent (4 days late but the landlord never cashes them until the end of the month.) I was going to catch up on Dexter but Mya is only 9 so I didn't feel that was age appropriate so we watched The Tale of Desperaux on TMN. It was cute. Mya liked that it had a mouse and was a cartoon.

I love that cat.

and here she is giving me kisses. Yay!

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