Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas with the nephews

I live to spoil my 3 nephews. Here is some candid video of them this Christmas.

Here is 5 year old Ian opening his Rescue Heroes from Santa, He originally asked for Bob Buoy then changed his mind last minute and asked for Kenny Ride and Captain Cuffs. Santa and ebay was able to get him Kenny and Bob but Captain Cuffs didn't arrive on time. These toys are no longer made but the elves remembered how to make them.

Here is 3 year old Ben opening his female Rescue Heroes. Ben is smart Ian doesn't like playing with the ladies. Ben has declared his love for the ladies. So if Ben gets the ladies they are all his and Ian never steals the lady toys from our little ladies man.

And little Aven sure did get the Craig genes.

Happy Holidays everyone!
OMG! Being a beloved Uncle is the best thing ever!

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