Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas is fun

I've got a lot of flack from family members for saying that my my sister Laura sucks and/or blows. We both knew it was a joke. Laura searched the city high and low for the bissell little green machine for my sister in law Ainsley. She couldn't find it for as cheap as I did so she didn't buy it. Which meant I had to bring it home from Toronto. It was big and would've sucked for public transport but that all changed when Michelle gave me a lift.

She really doesn't suck and/or blow. She is quite awesome. It was a joke. Relax. Laura did get me the only thing I asked for, a salad spinner, with a non slip bottom and actually it has a brake button amazing!

I also got clothes, some cash, homemade peach jam from my sister Carolyn (I love peach jam!) and Oso Negro decaf coffee from Nelson, B.C. My favourite coffee shop while visiting my sister. My cousin Mike and former Toronto drinking buddy gave me some in depth personal gym training advice and and a book of exercises. Amazing!

I must have been a very good boy this year!

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