Monday, December 14, 2009

The Aven has landed

Yay! So I don't talk about my third nephew a lot because I don't really see him. Aven and my beloved adoptive sister, Carolyn have landed in Toronto from Nelson, British Columbia. So excited to see them.

Aven who will be 2, 10 days after I will be 29 next March hasn't really showed me the love in the past because he doesn't really know me. I have only met him 3 times. Last time he was home my sister Katie stepped in his baby shit as he was walking around without a diaper. Ha ha ha! Had it been me I would have passed out from shock but it is funny that it was her.

How does Unky Mark get nephews that don't like to like him. Spoil them naturally. Look out Aven!

11 of my immediate family members under one roof for Christmas Eve, Can't wait! Sadly one sister, Katie will be missed but she is going to be celebrating an Australian Christmas in 30 degree weather on a beach so she can suck it.

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