Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2010: Start again

The big tag line for the year 2010 is "Start Again." 2009 was a huge year for me. I went through incredible personal growth. I really came into my own over the past 12 months. It feels great. Friends say I finally look comfortable with myself and stand taller. True that!

I absolutely adore my tight group of friends and family. I feel such a warmth and completeness when I leave them. Work is going great and new career tasks will challenge me and my creativity in the new year. I had some short lived relationships this year. You live, you learn, smile, laugh, don't look back and move on. Maybe sometimes nice friendships happen. Sometimes not. It's all good.

2010 looks like it's also going to be a great year in all aspects. I'll become Unky Mark of a 4th niece or nephew. Fun! Work is looking good. Family and friends are amazing. All other aspects are looking good too. Hubba hubba!

This year I felt it most important to make resolutions. The even number ones are fake but add extra sass to this post.
1) This book and my new personal trainer are going to make me buff and tough. Grrr.2) Stop having raunchy one night stands in Christie Pitts Park. (Even is fake remember!)
3) Cut back the vices (drinking, etc.)
4) Stop grinding old ladies in the No Frills.
5) Cut some clutter.
6) Get Mya on to dancing with the stars. She has it in her!
7) Get the debt down (Good thing for Friends Fridays, stay in nights over the winter.)
8) Neighbour crackheads are not good housesitters.
9) Finally finish one of my many screen plays. That would be nice.
10) Stop flooding the stores beneath the apartment. A new one is coming in.
11) Always leave a room with a sashay. Werk!
12) Remember that a drunk text is usually a bad text and will end up on "texts from last night."
13) Never loose your smile, spunk or spark (I am good at this already.)

Happy New Year Lovers!

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