Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What a pain in the ass

So for awhile I have been mildly suffering from a sports/exercise related issue called "TAS" aka tight ass syndrome. I am no cheap ass as it affects your glutes and you can get it from mostly cycling up inclines or from excessive acceleration on your bike. I think mine comes from the elliptical stepper at the gym on a high incline, it's pretty much the same motion of cycling. Even when I got my last massage the RMT was all "You need a lot of work on your glutes and S1 (a joint in the lower back.) I also think that my 3-4 hour weekend power walk make my glutes hurt. I take huge strides.

Today I found a number of at home fixes such as strectching on your back pulling each knee to the opposite shoulder for 3 seconds, 10 times each and also putting a tennis ball under your butt and using your hands for balance and hips to rotate your body over the ball on the floor. Both these worked. I bought tennis balls tonight. They smelt funny. I thought there was a chemical leak in my house and then I realized that the smell was tennis ball and then I felt better.

Since I get free massage through work I am going to go for another one but these home remedies really helped. My legs, glutes and back now free light and airy. If you let it go to long it can mess up your back that is not cool.

Any avid worker outer or cyclist should try this if you get lower back, glute or upper leg cramps this is great. I feel amazing.

I usually make it to the gym for last call and often don't have time for proper stretching at the end except for basic moves. I think if I go early this will help.

I also think that my hours of trying to perfect Beyonce's dance move at 1:29 isn't helping. I got the lower body down but my arms have always been uncoordinated. Not going well.

Here is more on TAS

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