Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Oh Boy, it's just okay

Every lunch hour I take a half hour long walk down Queen Street from John to Bathurst and back. The last few months I have been noticing that a new Burger restaurant being built called Oh Boy Burgers. Apparently they are "flippin' good."

So as I was walking and shopping on Queen on Saturday in the early evening I noticed it was open and decided to try it.

I ordered the Classic 3 cheese. It came with cheddar, havarti and swiss. I got the combo which came to $14 a little more than I want to pay for lunch but I'll try anything once. I got the burger and it seemed to be a bit too pink for my liking. I would've have ordered well done but the last 3 three times I have been out for dinner the chiefs have refused, since why I always stick to chicken when I go fancy. I guess there is a big difference between steak and burger but I got all flustered by the new menu.

The fries were okay not amazing. Comparable to any casual dining restaurant across southern Ontario. Nothing to call home about.

After I ate I went to the washroom and there was burger vomit in the urinal. Not in the bottom but actually stuck inside it, half way up. That means before 5pm, someone projectile baeffed they're burger. The restaurant hasn't started serving booze yet so the early vomit tme and dry bar couldn't have been from alcohol.

This made me paranoid that my pinker than what I like burger was going to make me blow chuncks. It didn't. So that made me happy.

What is nice is that the owner is from Maritime roots and in the maritimes Artists and art students get discounts. So you save the tax if you show your Art school/program student card or artist business card. Most artists will need to save the tax as they are not walking out with paying less than $14 a meal.

I like being nice and fair. I will try again in a few weeks and see if they have ironed out the issues and scrubbed the vomit from the toliet.

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