Monday, November 30, 2009

My parent's are super nice

It was nice to spend 24 hours back home this weekend. My mom made me potato soup (my favourite) although, there was no bacon (and she heard about that.) It was really nice to come home to my favourite meal. There was also white wine with my name on it in the fridge.

Also on my way out Friday night I asked my dad if he had gum. Usually I have but ran out Friday. I am usually a gum go-to guy for friends. When I returned to my bedroom after a shower on Sunday morning there were multiple packs of gum on my shelf. He waited until the first chance that I left the room and then quietly loaded me up. He is good at this.

Once he took me towel shopping and all I wanted was bath towels. He insisted I get hand and face towels too. I said no as he was buying. We just bought the bath towels. Then we arrived in Toronto next day. He was arranging multiple hand and face towels. He went back to the Sears, bought and washed them.

I am really lucky. I have super sweet parents who like to deliver on life's little nice surprises.

I have inherited this as well. I'm glad that putting myself before others and delivering life's cute little surprises is something my parent's passed down.

To thank my parents, I went out with my best back home friend Pat Saturday night and my parent's didn't awake to find me covered in McDonalds, blood or vomit which has been the case in the past with Pat. They're welcome. Sharing is caring!

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