Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I often fall: Lotion slip

Last night in the Shopper's Drug Mart by my house I was carrying a big bottle of lotion. Then I dropped it. Sometimes I drop things. It spilled all over the floor. The bottle didn't break so I picked it up and decided to still purchase it as I had dropped it and I didn't want anyone else to buy the lotion I spilled out of. I then found a store person and reported the spill so no one would slip on it. My conscious makes me worry a lot about other people's safety.

I was walking back down the aisle, got distracted by 1/2 price Halloween candy and stepped into the lotion and I fell. I am without a doubt the world's biggest retard. At least I can admit it and laugh at it. It's important to not take yourself so seriously.

This lame video kind of show's what my fall looked like.

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