Sunday, November 29, 2009

I often fall: Best move ever

Never have I helped a friend, let alone a BFF have an apartment move that was so fun.

I had multiple slips, trips and falls (this always happens and is funny.) My feet are quite large and most stairs in Toronto are quite small. That is why I always fall up stairs not down. I kind of catapult myself forward because my feet don't fit.

I also walked off the ramp and went flying into the side of the truck falling into the cab.

What was hilarious and very typical of a Mark and Belle outing was that we were driving to move the couches we call Cindy, from the Brick's Cindy Crawford home line, a Bell phone repair man knocked on Belle's driver side window. Belle refused to acknowledge him, as is common in Toronto when someone bangs on your window. Then the guy said "Oooooppppeeeennnn Your Wwwwiiiinnnnnddddoooowwww." As if we were retarded. And boy were we!

This dude then said "Your cab door is wide open and your ramp is sticking out 8 feet." He went back to his car. Belle, Megs and I laughed a lot. I was laughing so hard I was crying. Then we had to go and deal with angry drivers behind us. Belle and I ran out. I couldn't stop laughing as I pointed then laughed and helped to push the ramp back in and pull the back cap door down. For the record, My buddy James prepped the truck for departure.

I had a really good time with my besties during the move. I laughed so hard I was crying 5 times. Now that is a good move.

Cindy got there safe too, What a gal!

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