Sunday, November 1, 2009

I LOVE Halloween

Why not ring in my favourite holiday by going as my favourite singer, the one and only Miss Dolly Parton.

With the 5 inch heels I rocked all night long (the highest heels at the party) and big blonde wig I towered a whopping 7 feet last night. Amazing! Thanks to Belle and Mel for turning me into such a hot mess last night. All the ladies thought my legs looked amazing. Only one thing I can say, WERK!

I don't own a digital camera (I get drunk and drop them) so I don't have many photos to share right now. Just what has been posted or on my phone. More tomorrow.

Here are my other favourite costumes. What a great year. Oh ya we brought it! I love Halloween!

Lady Gaga from the MTV Europe Awards and Tobias from Arrested Development in the Blue Man Group.

80's emmy Oprah
Tilda Swanton's' character from Narnia.

Basic Instinct Sharon Stone.
Octomom, this picture doesn't justify the costume, Elle had 8 tenticles hanging off her dress each holding a baby. My favourite of the night.

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