Thursday, November 5, 2009

I love Australians

So I have 2 favourite Australians in Canada, Elle and Angie. They actually called me today from an advertising industry party tonight to just say "That they love me and that I am their favourite man." That's a nice phone call to get. I actually become a fan of Australians on facebook tonight hours before they because I was having the same loving feelings.

Then when I thought I could not like any Australian like I like these two, Angie's best friend, Cat surprised her a week early this week and is here for 2 weeks. She is delectable.

Tomorrow Cat (Clark) is coming over to meet my cat (Mya Pussy) this shit could be epic. 2 cats in da house. I'm going to make the Catster a Canadian TV star, that's her goal over her 2 month visit. She recently didn't make the cut during a CityTV News streeter. I have the hook ups!

I lurve Australians!!!!!
I have a beloved sister that lives in Surfers' Paradise too!

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Angie said...

Well this is the best blog ever! It's nice to have such a sexy mn on my side xoxo