Sunday, November 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Dave

Out of my 5 siblings Dave is third oldest and I am number 4 and the youngest Craig boy. Today Dave turned 31. Here is why I like him.

1) He is a teacher. Teachers try to make tomorrow's shit disturbers nice.
2) Dave and his his friends used to make me the baseball bat boy. This is fine since I hate sports.
3) He made me his groomsman this summer.
4) He likes to drink. I love to drink!
5) He has a friend called Brendon that I call B-Unit. I love nicknames.
6) He has an outdoor hot tub.
7) He likes Wii, I love Wii
8) His friends used to scare me. After the wedding I think they are nice.
9) I'm jealous that his voice can project but no one can ever hear my soft monotone voice.
10) Dave once got brought home by the cops because his friends knocked lights off a chip wagon (It's Brantford, y'all.) I have a drinking under age charge but never got brought home by the cops so atleast he opened the door for criminal activity.

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