Monday, November 16, 2009

Family game night

Last night was Toronto family game night. There were 9 of us trying to figure out how to play Cranium, we couldn't. We needed my sister/board game nazi, Laura to teach us. I am always drunk when we play at home and don't remember how to play it. I just wait for someone to tell me how to move. I do the same with Risk. I just wait for someone to tell me how pieces I get to take.

We settled on Balderdash. Angie and I came in second just one space behind. Sometimes our answers were silly and that caused us to lose but we had fun.

Angie said that the word Rachkelly was R. Kelly's real name and I said that Rambezzled was the act of a farmer stealing another farmer's rams.

We got one point for Rams but nothing for R. Kelly.

The smaller team member should always piggy back the bigger player in an effort to gain trust and team build.

Bedtime! Directing tomorrow. That means it's game time!

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