Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dance move of the week: the 5 inchers

When you tell your best friends who have seen you do a six foot high faceplant into the ground while trying to jump a picnic table, or roll across a street off your bike while multitasking or when you get scrapped off the sidewalk in front of the Gladstone to have your friends find you bloody and disoriententated, you may be accident friendly. As I am very much so. So when my friends heard I bought size 15, 5 inch heels for Halloween they started to plan my furneal.

But not only did I show up with the highest heels. I also wore them second longest, next to Cat Clark. She was only wearing 4 inches though. Here is a little dance number that includes jumps and such in my heels. Werk! I wore the leggings again to ensure I get my moneys worth.

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