Sunday, November 1, 2009


For the last 10 years me and my best friend Isobelle have laughed an insane amount. We always seem to get ourselves into hilarious and remeberable situations al the time. Since we are both now well on our ways of building careers for ourselves, our hangouts and tomfoolery have been limited until yesterday when we set out with the goal of completing eachother's Halloween costumes.

I had a dress but realized afterwards that I failed to allow for adequate boobable reasoning. So that brought Belle and I to Kensington Market Saturday afternoon. We found the perfect dress for my costume at Courage my love. I went into what was the smallest change room I have ever been in.

Belle noticed I was taking a while and asked if I needed help. I did. I was still in my undies not knowing where to start. So in the change room that was 2 feet wide was 6'5" me, a man who has never worn a dress before and my 5'4" best friend boyish lesbian trying to figure out the dress. It was hilarious. I drew alitltle picture.
I don't wear Grandma panties, they just turned out that way.

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